Our Company

Mission Statement

KCD Builders Corporation is genuinely committed to providing the highest level of satisfaction in construction, design, surveying and consultancy services.

Every KCD employee is actively committed to maintaining a stable and respectful work environment, with sound business ethics, ensuring high service quality and client satisfaction.

Our goal is to continue to exceed customer expectations and to set the benchmarks for quality in the Philippine construction industry.

We place strict emphasis on attention to detail as we work closely with our clients - ensuring satisfaction, quality, and timely delivery in the process. We realize every project presents a unique challenge, and the success we have achieved in meeting these challenges can be attested to by the project owners and proponents we have served with through the years.

To provide the level of service expected of us, we have assembled what we believe to be our greatest asset - our human resources. This team of professionals includes engineers in project management and supervision, foremen, and every pertinent technical and labor resource. Our home office personnel in engineering and estimates, CAD/technical drawing, accounting, purchasing, marketing, human resources, and operations support our teams in the field.

We are committed and are prepared to be as involved as we can be in each phase of every project, ensuring that the requirements of all parties involved are met. In fact, the one mission that overrides all our missions is:

KCD Builders Corporation strives to exceed client expectations every time.

Vision Statement

KCD Builders Corporation is known as a dynamic and innovative leader in construction, design, engineering and surveying services. Unwavering professionalism and unequalled customer service is the very core of its full range of contracting services, guaranteeing attention to detail, sensitivity to client needs, creativity, technical know-how, and above all - world class output - in every project.